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Log Management
Security Event
Compliance and
Log data collection, storage, real-time indexing, search, analysis, and visualization
Real-time collect, store, analyze and visualize logs to locate and trace abnormal indicators faster.
Multidimensional correlation analysis of expansive indicators and logs, alert intelligently
Based on the real-time and detailed nature of logs, conduct multidimensional data correlation analysis to quickly diagnose business, system and network anomalies, assist enterprises in improving IT operation and maintenance efficiency and diminishing downtime.
Tracing, analysis, and visualization of the entire business chain
LogEase tracing technology and self-discovery topology help enterprises quickly locate abnormal transactions and business performance bottlenecks.
Threat detection, analysis and response
LogEase SIEM platform can quickly detect and process known and unknown threats and rank security events through combining threat intelligence as well as machine learning algorithms, helping enterprises optimize the efficiency of security event processing.
Analyze business issues, generate user profile and discover abnormal user behavior
LogEase combines analysis model with business logic, helping enterprises quickly locate faults in business operations, timely detecting user behavior abnormalities, generating user profiles and supporting business decision-making through expansive data analysis reports.
Meet national compliance requirements and consistent with information technology application innovation policy
According to national laws and regulations, from the dimensions of security audit, attack prevention and IT monitoring management, indicators are refined for the security of enterprises'digital system, forming monitoring dashboards and regular reports.
LogEase Intelligent Log Management Platform
LogEase Intelligent Log Management Platform
Automatically identify various log types, automatically extract key fields, convert unstructured logs into structured data; Full-text index, easy to retrieve; Support LogEase SPL, use the script in the search box for complex analysis; Correlation analysis of different sources of logs, easy to locate the problem; Rich statistics and visualization functions; Log alerts monitoring, e-mail or SMS to inform the user; Log group management, authorize the user different permissions; Provide open API interface, flexible docking third-party system or secondary development log.
LogEase SIEM Platform
LogEase SIEM Platform
Security posture and threat handling (correlating assets, vulnerabilities and threat intelligence, combining the exploitations of vulnerabilities and threats for correlation and matching to find high-risk threat); Correlation analysis and alert noise reduction; Threat intelligence correlation; Threat investigation (endpoint investigation and network investigation); Investigation (attack path analysis and timeline analysis); Traceability analysis.
LogEase Observability Monitoring Platform (GuanChaYi)
LogEase Observability Monitoring Platform (GuanChaYi)
Application & service monitoring: including business system, custom service,database and messaging queue; Infrastructure monitoring:including host,container,Kubernetes and process; Distribute trace analysis:automatic analysis the attribute which related to error and high latency; Visualization:metric explorer and view support to customize dashboard; Monitor:offered built-in monitor of entities and support to customize monitor triggered on static or dynamic threshold; Alert analysis:automatic analysis alert's impact scope and root cause based AI engine.
LogEase AIOps Platform
LogEase AIOps Platform
Anomaly detection using the patterns learned from the previous data to determine the normal behavior and then to discern departures from that normal behavior; Automated pattern discovery and machine learning without user having to worry about the complexity of the AI algorithms; Automatic perception of service health based on multivariate anomaly detection; Centralized log pattern discovery , analysis and anomaly detection; Predictive capability; Alert managment and correlation, including cross domain alert data ingestion and preprocessing,alert noise reduction, incident root cause analysis etc. Adaptive prescriptive advice, suggesting solutions to resolve an alert/incident based on a database of historical solution over time.
Safe & Controllable
Proprietary and own the IP rights
Complex statistics and analysis
Tremendous amount of data
Several terabytes of data daily
100 billion logs queried per second
Cost saving
Less cost on hardware when processing the same amount of data
To achieve independent innovation in AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), LogEase solved a series of key technologies and developed the proprietary data search engine Beaver and LogEase SPL (Search Processing Language) that hold self-property rights.

LogEase holds over 40 Chinese technical invention patents and over 20 Chinese appearance patents in LogEase AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations), IT Observability Monitoring Platform, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response), UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analysis), Data Factory and Large Screen Display.
Xinyu Zhang
Chief Engineer of R&D Center, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Log data management is currently a challenge for financial institutions, as there are a lot of manual operations for IT operation and maintenance personnel. At the same time, many financial institutions lack convenient and efficient applications and platforms to optimize value of log data. LogEase solution can effectively solve these problems.
Gang Xiao
Managing Director of Information Technology Department, China Securities Co., Ltd.

Compared to open-source software ELK, LogEase is a complete solution for the log ecosystem, covering the entire process from log collection, parsing, processing, statistical analyzing and displaying. There are multiple parsers included and can achieve log parsing without a large amount of encoding, which is superior to Logstash. In terms of storage, LogEase has implemented a proprietary search engine Beaver based on C++, which is functionally similar to ES. In addition, visualizable interface operation is also a major highlight of LogEase which diminishes development workload and enhances usability.
Qing Guo
General Manager of Science and Technology Department and Data Application Department, China Minsheng Bank Beijing Branch

LogEase collects and organizes massive machine data to achieve problem localization and fault tracing, providing solutions for further exploring the value of logs and improving the efficiency of IT operation and maintenance.
Xianrong Liu
Deputy General Manager of Data Management Department, China Construction Bank

LogEase Beaver is a high value in-house log search and analysis engine.
Jiange Li
Deputy General Manager of Information Technology Department, China Securities Co., Ltd.

LogEase solution is a complete solution which has strong practicality and innovation. It utilizes multi-dimensional query conditions to improve the efficiency of locating abnormal causes and has a driving effect on business.
Zhigang Tang
General Manager of Information Technology Department, Tianjin Binhai Rural Commercial Bank

LogEase proprietary log search engine Beaver and SPL(Search Processing Language) have certain advantages over other similar vendors.